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Fast paced arcade shooter, taking inspiration from many different FPS games, Arsenal creates its own style of gun-play and movement mechanics. 

Arsenal's "standard" gamemode is classic gun-game, each elimination or assist awards a new weapon. The final weapons are the golden gun & knife, the player to get an elimination with the golden knife wins!

Arsenal's "pick up and play" style lets anyone of any skill jump into the action. With a huge cast of characters, effects, and weapons - there's always something to look forward or to work towards.

ARSENALRelease Date: 2016, Rehaul Update: 2018Platform:  (All devices that support the Roblox app) - PC/MAC - XBOX ONE S/X - ANDROID/iOS - PLAYSTATION 4/5Rating: 9+ (Frequent Mild Violence) *Contains paid random items.
PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:CPU: Intel/AMD: Any past 2014 with a base clock speed of at least 2.4GHz, at minimum two cores are recommendedMemory/RAM: At least 1GB, up to 2GB may be used. GPU: Intel UHD 600 series or better. (A dedicated graphics card is recommended.) Nvidia/AMD: Any released past 2014. Must support DirectX 10 or greater GPU Memory (VRAM): 1GB or more is recommended 
MOBILE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: An iPhone 7 or betterAn iPad 5 or better (Any non-budget device released past 2017 should be able to run the game) *A gamepad controller is supported on mobile, but is not necessary to play. 
*Up to 600MB of cached content may be saved to your system. *An internet speed of 4mbps or faster is required. 12mbps or faster is recommended.

Right 2 Fight

Get into fights with the most notorious people in town!

Coop beat 'em up game play heavily inspired from the Yakuza series, now with PVP arenas available. Explore the industrialized City of Steel, home to sassy citizens and egotistical sleazes, make a name for yourself and become the strongest fighter in the city. 

RIGHT 2 FIGHTRelease Date: 2021Platform:  (All devices that support the Roblox app) - PC/MAC - XBOX ONE S/X - ANDROID/iOS - PLAYSTATION 4/5Rating: 13+ (Frequent Moderate Violence, Optional Blood)


UNIT: CLASSIFIEDRelease Date: 2020Platform:  PC/MACRating: 13+ (Frequent Moderate Violence, Mild Language, Blood)
UNIT 1968Release Date: 2017Platform:  PC/MAC - XBOX ONE S/X - PLAYSTATION 4/5Rating: 13+ (Frequent Moderate Violence, Mild Language, Blood)

Side Projects

Slap-stick fighting game filled with wacky characters, sound effects and physics. 

It's robbers VS the guards as you infiltrate or protect the establishment.  

The GMod Murder gamemode on Roblox using Arsenal characters. 

SILLY SIMULATORRelease Date: 2018Platform:   (All devices that support the Roblox app) - PC/MAC - XBOX ONE S/X - ANDROID/iOS - PLAYSTATION 4/5Rating: 9+ (Mild Violence)  *Contains earnable random items.
ROBBERRelease Date: 2017Platform:  PC/MACRating: 13+
MURDERRelease Date: 2020Platform:  (All devices that support the Roblox app) - PC/MAC - XBOX ONE - ANDROID/iOSRating: 13+*Contains paid random items.

Time Line




Right 2 Fight


Unit: Classified • MURDER


Silly Simulator • Arsenal (Rehaul)• Counter Blox (Rehaul) • Typical Colors 2 (Rehaul)


Unit 1968 • Robber


Arsenal • Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive • Trouble in Robloxity • Typical Colors 2


Counter Blox: Sauce • Typical Colors