Listed in alphabetical order

Bluay - Lead Animator 

Campyfire - Composer & Audio Engineer 

Castlers - Scripter, Web Engineer

Civicus - Builder, Modeler

DevKeni - Builder

DevRolve - Founder, Senior Scripter, Lead

DJH_Dylan - Builder & Character Designer

Higumadon - Social Community Manager & QA Lead

MidnightKrystal - Lead Artist and Lead Character Designer. Coordinator, Discord Manager, Toys advisor

mightybaseplate - Senior Scripter

PrimE_RBLX - Builder, Modeler, Jr. Scripter 

PrimeFIRE94 - Lead Graphics Designer (thumbnails, game icons, particles), Lead Modeler, Lighting Artist (Blender), Character Designer

Scapter - Scripter, "CEO of alts"

TCtully - Senior Builder, Scripter, Lighting Artist (in-engine)

xonae - Scripter

Contractors: Animation Division 

Listed in alphabetical order, managed by Bluay





Listed in alphabetical order

Nredly - Modeling

Revenant3D - Modeling

TechnoTurbo - Builder

Zeenyoo - Builder

Virtual Office Manager


Special Thanks

Listed in alphabetical order

Jazwares LLC

Roblox Developer Relations

Roblox Marketing