Listed in alphabetical order

Bluay - Lead Animator

Campyfire - Composer & Audio Engineer

Castlers - Scripter, "Counter Blox 2" Lead

Civicus - Builder

DevRolve - Development Lead, Lead Scripter, Founder

DJH_Dylan - Builder & Character Designer

Higumadon - Social Community Manager & QA Lead

ItsAunarky - Scripter, "Typical Colors 2" Lead

MidnightKrystal - Lead Artist and Lead Character Designer. Coordinator, Discord Manager, Toys advisor

mightybaseplate - Senior Scripter

PrimE_RBLX - Builder, Modeler

PrimeFIRE94 - Lead Graphics Designer (thumbnails, game icons, particles), Lead Modeler, Lighting Artist (Blender), Character Designer

Scapter - Scripter, "CEO of alts"

TCtully - Lead Builder, Scripter, Lighting Artist (in-engine), Webmaster

the_kentai - Builder, "Enforcement" Lead

xonae - Scripter, "Arsenal 2" Lead, Code optimization

Animation Division

Listed in alphabetical order, managed by Bluay





Virtual Office Manager


Special Thanks

Listed in alphabetical order

Arsenal Community Workshop

Downy Press LLC

Jazwares LLC

Roblox Developer Relations

Roblox Marketing

Rolve QA Volunteer Community